Meet the Team

  • Sam Bartley

    Sam has been implementing and supporting financial systems for 30 years. He is focused 100% on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and client service. His experience is extensive both as a consultant / implementer and a C/SIDE developer, and he has implemented and customized NAV from version 3.01 through NAV 2015. Sam specializes in the general financial areas (General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Inventory) as well as Human Resources and Payroll, and has written hundreds of Jet Reports for NAV. Making NAV work for his clients is always his goal.

  • Todd Burwell

    As a production and IT manager for 12 years, Todd has learned the value of deploying and using simple and flexible tools and systems to help get the job done. 15 years ago he started helping companies select and implement appropriate technologies to tackle their specific business challenges. Todd has worked with a number of software products and prefers Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) because of its robust functionality, constant improvements and simple customization. The primary act of Todd’s role as the Solution Architect is to marry business needs with product capabilities and then dive deeper to test long standing business habits for current value and then design/redesign the software to make it truly fit the business requirement and processes.

  • Mark Keener

    Mark’s first computerized accounting system implementation was in 1986 and he has been focused solely on Navision since 1999. He has been involved with dozens of system projects in the US, Canada and Mexico in a variety of industries including distribution, manufacturing, property management, non-profit and insurance. During that time, he was worked on all versions of NAV, from version 1.1 to NAV2015, including one of the first NAV2015 payroll implementations in Ohio. As a CPA, Mark is well versed in the core financial functionality of NAV but he is also an experienced developer and solution designer. Mark loves making NAV work for his clients and always enjoys hearing his clients ask “…Now that you’ve made NAV do _________, can you also make it do ________?”

  • Tom Wickstrom

    Tom began working with Navision in 1998 and quickly found his niche when the first Windows version of Navision was released in the US. Since 1999, Tom has successfully completed “hundreds and hundreds” of Navision upgrades, spanning all versions (DOS included), most add-ons, and millions of customizations. His combination of project-management skills, Navision expertise and fixed project pricing yields high customer satisfaction results.

  • Lori Wickstrom

    Lori has been working with Navision since 1998 and is an experienced certified Navision implementer, trainer, and developer with a proven ability to build successful relationships with end users and partners. Her goal is to have clients who love what Navision does for them. She enjoys opportunities to help in the delivering, implementing, training and maximizing of Navision. Lori has received certifications in Enterprise, Development, Activigence, Navigator and Payroll, and has experience with versions 1.2 to 2015. Lori has implemented several solutions specific to the rental industry and the freight forwarding industry.